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Advantages Mammae Soft

1) Without underwire

Mammae Soft is a bra without underwire. Glorious for sleeping. Heavenly during the maternity week when your breasts still feel a bit sore.

2) Elastic tissue

TheMammae Soft is stretchable and grows with your breasts. Ideal during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

3) Discreet feeding

Mammae is the only breastfeeding bra in the world allowing you discreet feeding. This makes you feel comfortable, wherever you are, whoever is around.

Often mamas choose to sit apart when breastfeeding or they try to cover their breasts with shawls or cloths. This causes stress and that is adverse to producing milk.

Mammae assists easy breastfeeding around other people or in ‘public’ spaces. Thanks to the special opening you can breastfeed without revealing your breasts. With Mammae there is no need to hide; instead you can be proud to show that you choose for breastfeeding.

4) Hands free expressing

The expresser fits in-between the flaps of the inner cup and remains in place, meaning that you do not need extra auxiliaries and that you can express milk hands-free.

5) Completely uncovering the breast

When breastfeeding for the first time you can fully uncover your breast using the Mammae. This allows you easy ‘learning’ how to breastfeed. Perfect for optimum skin contact with your baby. 

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