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The principle of the clothing

The clothing offers a two-part opening system, compatible with the Mammae breastfeeding bra or for use with the classic breastfeeding bra. This allows discreet breastfeeding, or you can chose to uncover your breast completely.

    • Chose for discreet breastfeeding via the opening in the side panel. Your breast remains covered by the clothing – can be used with a classic breastfeeding bra (see picture 1).
    • With one simple gesture you unfasten the flap to uncover your breast completely or for discreet feeding via the Mammae breastfeeding bra (see picture 2). 




Totally new in breastfeeding clothing is the smart system to button up the flap. This way of closing remembers whether you have been feeding left or right. The flap that you close as latest lies on top and is opened automatically as first. No more hassle with armlets of bows …. Easy does it!

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