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Composition and washing instructions

The clothing consists of 95% viscose and 5% elastane.
Viscose is a tissue that feels cosily soft, absorbs fluids well and gives a luxurious radiance. Viscose is a natural product that falls soft and flowing.

Washing instructions and ironing
Use a detergent without bleaching agent in order to preserve the colours. Viscose can shrink same as linen. Therefore, chose a low (30 °C) temperature and wash inside-out. Choose a crease-resistant program.

Never dry the clothes in the dryer/tumble dryer, this could cause fluffs and pilling. After washing it is best to use a clothes hanger or to lay it flat to ry. Never let dry in full sun, this could bleach off the colour.

Iron preferably inside-out at setting ‘one’. A higher setting can cause gleaming bands. These disappear during the next washing. 

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