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The bra essentials

Unique construction with outer bra and inner bra with revolutionary opening and powernet.

Revolutionary opening

Thanks to the revolutionary opening you can opt for discreet breastfeeding or for maximum skin contact.

How does it work? 
Since every breast is different from each other, the opening can be adjusted to the position of the nipple.

  • At a small opening the breast remains covered. Only the nipple and the areola become free. This means that you can breastfeed everywhere without having to uncover your breast.
  • If you pull the opening further open, the larger part of the breast is uncovered. This gives maximum skin contact. It is essential that the tissue is easily pulled open and that it remains in that position (see picture). If this is impossible, this means that the bra is too small.

Powernet for maximum support

The inner bra with powernet always supports your breasts, also during breastfeeding. The powernet lifts your breasts and brings the nipple in the correct horizontal position. This means that you have less risk for cracked nipples and stripes!


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