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Composition and washing instructions

Mammae Classic/Mammae Mystery/Mammae Plus

Mammae is made of breathing microfiber combined with ultra-fine lycra, ensuring optimum wearing comfort. The underwire is embedded in a special sleeve to make it feel soft on the skin. The inner cups consist of extremely soft polyamide combined with lycra. The soft, elastic tissue feels pleasant on the skin.

The soft foam in the outer cups combined with the front fastening are specially developed to cushion the natural movement of the breastfeeding breasts. Moreover, they give the bra an elegant styling and ensure that the breast pads remain invisible.

Washing instructions
Mammae Classic and Mammae Plus are underwire bras. It is not a good idea to wash an underwire bra in the washing machine. The reason is not that the tissue could not stand sustain it (it is washable at 30°C) but because the underwire could become loose. This can damage your washing machine. If you want to wash the bra in the washing machine, then put it in a washing bag, choose the programme for hand wash or wool and do not overload your machine. It goes without saying that you always wash same colours together.
Never put Velcro-fitted items with your bra, this could damage the cups.

We advise therefore to treat the bra as hand wash. Rinse the bra thoroughly after the hand wash and straighten the cups. Never let it dry on a direct source of heat.

Never put the bra in the dryer/tumble dryer. The tissue could shrink, the underwire not longer fitting and  tear out!

Mammae Soft

Mammae Soft is a comfort bra that feels like a second skin. Mammae Soft is ideal during pregnancy and the first maternity week because the elastic tissue adapts (92% polyester 8% elastane) adapts to the breasts (ideal at milk engorgement).

Washing instructions
The Mammae Soft can be washed at 30°C.
It is not a good idea to dry the Mammae Soft in the dryer/tumble dryer. 

Breast pads

The anatomically formed breast pads are composed of 4 layers. The soft inside is made of brushed cotton, which is soft on the nipples. The ultra-absorbing core absorbs fluids quickly. De polyester layer with a special water resistant coating prevents leaking. The outer layer consists of breathing microfiber in combination with ultra-fine lycra.

Washing instructions
It is a good idea to soak the pads for a night in cold water and to wash them before use. This avoids pilling/fluffing.
The pads can be washed at 30°C. If the baby suffers from oral thrush, you better wash them at 60°C to kill the bacteria. Attention: if you do this often, the colour may fade.

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