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Reactions of midwifes

Erika Van Tielen - presenter

Breastfeeding is a gorgeous present you can give your baby. But a garment from the Mammae collection is a top present for you as mama. You deserve it! ;-) I already was a fan of the bras and now I am completely crazy about the clothing collection as well.

Anke Vanclooster

I feel the ultimate woman with Mammae. Really handy, even for expressing milk. I already feed for 6 months and that is also because I can feed discretely.

Annelieke Bouwers

Mammae provided us with super-beautiful and really well fitting lingerie for the breastfeeding period. At last! It makes you feel more feminine, more beautiful and better. And this is a present you can allow yourself since you give your baby the most beautiful thing there is!

Joke Neven

As a midwife I truly value a good breastfeeding bra. Mammae has it all for me.


Finally there is a bra which makes you feel elegant while breastfeeding. The bra's of Mammae are very user friendly and comfortable to wear. I can recommend every newborn mother to try it out. It gives you more freedom due to the smart system in which you can express milk handsfree. And last but not least, it makes you more feminine again. Oh yes it does it all

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